Paint stripping and Plastic Removal

Industrial cleaning services by fluidized bed, pyrolysis oven and sandblasting

industrial paint-stripping painthangers and jig stripping

Advantages of thermal cleaning Service

  • fast and flexible service, 24h/day, 7d/week
  • complete service, one stop shop
  • after-treatment and repairs of cleanded parts
  • paintstripping of hooks, painthangers, grids, jigs
  • plastic removal from extrusion tools and dies
  • ecologically friendly processes, no chlorinated chemicals
  • recycling of reject parts with painting defects

Where can you find our services and equimpent?

Customers, frequently from the plastic, white good, automotive industries entrust costly tools, incorrectly painted parts, production line parts and tools for safe and high quality cleaning and fast and flexible service. Arena Comet Service Cleaning Shops provide complete industrial paint stripping and plastic removal management. We use high quality and environmetal friendly systems for thermal cleaning and chemical stripping for all kind of applications. If required, we also provide post-treatment of parts and on-site cleaning. Please contact us via one of the contact options below for more information or a test cleaning.

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Applications of industrial service cleaning

  • paint stripping of hooks, jigs, grids, racks
  • cleaning of hot runners, heat exchangers
  • paint stripping of cast iron parts, car frames, tubes, pipes
  • paintstripping from aluminum, copper, zinc, brass,
  • paint stripping of wipers, cover plates, mounting brackets,
  • cleaning of rims, screens, filters
  • plastic removal from injection molding parts, nozzles
  • plastic removal from extrusion dies, mixers, screws
  • hotrunner cleaning, breaker plates, spinnerets

Industrial thermal cleaning of tools from painting and extrusion line