Paint stripping and Plastic Removal

Thermal Cleaning pyrolysis ovens - maintenance

Arena Comet provides, besides engineering and production of thermal cleaning equipment, repairs and technical assistance on all thermal cleaning equipment, industrial pyrolysis ovens and fluidclean, fluidized bed, worldwide.

Furthermore, we provide yearly maintenance on our pyrolysis burn-off ovens, fluidized beds and also carry out service on all types of thermal cleaning equipment, especially Dinamec MiniClean (SMC) and Dinamec FluidClean (SFC) installations, for which we have all technical details and know-how, and we have all spare parts on stock.
We carry out repairs and refurbishments on fluidclean fluidised bed installations according to the original design and with the original spare parts. We also provide after-sales service on Tecnica Industrial Iberica equipment

Our technical department with extensive experience in cleaning solutions, pyrolysis ovens and fluidized bed technologies, is available for all technical assistance throughout the year.

For all inquiries, or a free quote, please contact our after-sales department:

or call: +32(0)9 361 8772

We provide maintenance and repairs on all thermal-cleaning solutions, pyrolysis ovens or fluidized bed