Paint stripping and Plastic Removal

Industrial ovens for thermal cleaning of metals

Arena Comet produces thermal cleaning equipment for industrial paintstripping and plastic removal from metal tools and machine parts from the painting line and from plastic processing industry. All thermal cleaning technologies are applicable for removing different types of organic coatings on metals, like industrial paints, liquid, powder or epoxy, PP, PE, PVC, PU, rubber, grease, glue or resin.

Arena Comet fluidized bed and pyrolysis ovens are designed for fast, high quality and environmentally friendly cleaning. With over 25 years of experience in thermal cleaning equipment and services, Arena Comet thermal cleaning technology has become a key player in the production of industrial cleaning equipment, worldwide.

for Thermal cleaning

- Fluidized beds
- Pyrolysis ovens

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Service cleaning shops

- Belgium
- France
- Poland
- Czech Republic
- UK

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Optimizing the use of valualbe materials is globally getting more important. This is what our business is about: recycling of valuable materials. Tools and machine parts such as filters, mixers, hotrunners, injection molding screws, painthangers, hooks, chains or even wrongly painted 'reject' parts are cleaned to reuse.

For 25 years Arena Comet is an expert in producing industrial pyrolysis ovens and fluidized sand beds for the removal of organic coatings: paint stripping, removal of plastic coatings, resin or teflon, degreasing, decasting or organic waste incineration.

Taking the environmental issue into account Arena Comet is providing customer-oriented solutions through reliable manufacturing and flexible service, worldwide.