Paint stripping and Plastic Removal

Thermal cleaning solutions: equipment and services

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Arena Comet (Cleaning Of Metals) Group was founded in 1997 by a team of engineers, specialized in the production of fluidized beds and pyrolysis ovens for polymer coating removal from metals. Over the years Arena Comet has become a reference in environmentally friendly thermal cleaning solutions for industrial paintstripping and plastic coating removal from metal parts.

The business of designing, production and sales of fluidized bed and pyrolysis ovens, has been expanded since 2007 to the Service Cleaning-business: paintstripping, removal of plastic, rubber, grease, removing resin from electric motors . Machineparts, tools from the painting line or any other part coated with polymer, can be cleaned in one of our Service Cleaning Shops (SCS), located in Belgium, France, Poland, Czech Republic and UK.

Arena Comet also provides after-sales service and maintenance on all types of thermal cleaning equipment, fluidized beds and industrial pyrolysis ovens, worldwide.

With a committed and well trained team, Arena Comet is playing a key role in the Thermal Cleaning business and has developed a substainable relationship with important key references worldwide.

Industrial thermal cleaning: locations for cleaning services